1 Reason Why This Summer May be the Most Beautiful Ever

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1 Reason Why This Summer May be the Most Beautiful Ever

I live in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I've been living here for ten years and summertime always brings warm weather. Growing up in Ireland, I would put on my shorts once the temperature got above 15 deg C. I know now that's about 60 Fahrenheit! Over in Boston, I could hold out for 80 deg F and I'd still be out more often than not during summer.

The summer weather this year probably isn't any better than any other year, but spending time outdoors seems so much more beautiful. I - as have many of you - have spent a lot of time indoors over the last four months. I think it's that contrast that is making me appreciate this summer of 2020. I've been going out to Mystic Lake to swim, I've been fishing on Plum Island, I've been sitting down on the Esplanade by the River Charles - sometimes sipping a Point 5 - things I hadn't done in previous years but now seem like obvious things to do.

A pandemic is a mixed bag that brings sorrow but also beauty at the same time. While sadness and loneliness touch many people, I hope that many also have the opportunity to see the great beauty of the outdoors.

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