Can pregnant women have non-alcoholic beer?

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Can pregnant women have non-alcoholic beer?

Can Pregnant women have non-alcoholic beer?

Non-Alcoholic beer still contains small amounts of alcohol. What does the CDC recommend?

Over the past couple months at Point 5, we’ve frequently heard the question of whether pregnant women can drink non alcoholic beer?

It's also been recommended that we reach out to bloggers and groups focused around young parents because they would be itching to try our non alcoholic beer. However, since we’re engineers here at Point 5, we had to do some research first to find out: Is NA beer safe to consume during pregnancy?

Our concern was that Point 5 is not completely free from alcohol. Although alcohol levels are quite low, around 0.45% alcohol by volume - a 12-oz bottle contains roughly 0.05 oz of ethanol. Before we shared our beer further on these blogs, we wanted to be 100% sure of safety if we were making a recommendation. Ultimately, we cannot be.

What we found out is that the answer is not so clear-cut.  

The CDC recommends that those who are pregnant take precaution towards alcohol and keep consumption to a minimum to reduce the risk of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs). According to the CDC, “there is no known safe amount of alcohol use during pregnancy;” they recommend sticking solely to beverages that do not contain alcohol. What exactly constitutes no alcohol is not fully clear.

Point 5 non-alcoholic does contain a low level of alcohol.

For those who have decided to eliminate alcohol, other beverages may be preferable. We could have made the level of alcohol even lower - but removing the last traces of alcohol does have an impact on flavor. Then, even at a lower level - say 0.04% alcohol - we still might not be able to recommend the beverage without reservation. The choice we made was to deliver the best on taste while remaining non-alcoholic.

Ultimately, it is up to those who are pregnant, with the consultation of their doctor, to decide what beverages to consume. Given the CDC’s recommendation, we at Point 5 don’t feel that we should market our products specifically to pregnant beer-lovers, although we hope at least their partners can enjoy a crisp, refreshing Point 5!

What has been your experience or thoughts on non-alcoholic beverages during pregnancy? Let us know in the comments below!

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