Is Non Alcoholic Beer Gluten Free?

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Is Non Alcoholic Beer Gluten Free?

Is Non Alcoholic Beer Gluten Free?

In the United States, it can be a challenge to find gluten-free non alcoholic beers. 

After a quick search on the major alcohol retailers (Amazon, Walmart, Total Wine), I was only able to find a few options, most of which were quite expensive. Given how fast the demand for non-alcoholic beer is growing in the US, I was surprised to see so few options readily available to online consumers.  

Who is looking for gluten-free non alcoholic beer? 

The demand for non-alcoholic beer in the US is growing fast and is projected to have 8.3% growth until 2024. With this newfound growth, more and more consumers are likely looking for non-alcoholic beer options that adhere to their other dietary restrictions, such as lactose-free, vegan, sulphite-free, or gluten-free. In the US today, millions of people follow gluten-free diets; approximately 3 million Americans have celiac disease, a condition that requires a strict adherence to a gluten-free diet. Even more have gluten sensitivity or are simply looking to cut out gluten from their food.  

How is gluten-free beer made? 

Gluten free beers are commonly made with two techniques. With the first method, the beer is brewed only with gluten free ingredients, omitting the traditional malted barley for certified gluten-free grains, such as corn or rice. Alternatively, some brewers add Brewers Clarex, which is an enzyme that breaks down gluten proteins in beer. Clarex, as commonly used in the production of gluten-free beer, reduces the gluten content to less than 20 ppm.  

Can gluten-free beers be non-alcoholic? 

 Yes! The same techniques used for alcoholic beers can be used to make non-alcoholic beer. For instance, in Canada, Glutenberg Beer makes a gluten-free non-alcoholic beer by using gluten free grains, namely millet, buckwheat, and corn.  

Is Point 5 Gluten Free? 

Unfortunately for those following gluten-free diets, Point 5 Brewing does not currently offer a gluten-free non-alcoholic lager. Point 5 is brewed using malted barley, which contains gluten. We hope to be able to offer gluten-free non-alcoholic beer drinkers a Point 5 option in the future.  

Are you looking for a gluten-free non-alcoholic beer? What brands have you tried? Let us know in the comments below! 

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