Point 5 Product Update - Starter Packs

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Point 5 Product Update - Starter Packs

Hi folks, we've decided to discontinue the Point 5 Starter Pack in favor of focusing solely on our 12-pack - and I'll explain a bit more why.

Initially, we thought that the Starter Pack would allow people try Point 5 before moving on to buying 12-packs. In practice, most of our new customers buy a 12-pack right away, and many who do, continue to re-order.

Rather than continue to spend a lot on shipping for Starter Packs, it makes more sense to focus our efforts on spreading the word about our 12-packs to those who are looking for a crisp non-alcoholic beer.

I'll continue to keep you updated, thanks and cheers, Ronan


  • Point 5 Brewing

    Thanks for your question, Bruce! Point 5 is currently only available online.

  • Bruce MacDonald

    Is this available anywhere in stores on the north shore?

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