Point 5 Brands Launches - Press Release

Point 5 Brands Launches - Press Release

November 2020

True Taste without the alcohol

What is Point 5?

  • Point 5 Brewing LLC is a Woburn Massachusetts based brewing technology company founded by MIT engineer Ronan McGovern. 

  • We’ve built a working technology platform that turns any fermented beverage - beer, wine, cider - into a non alcoholic drink with a true taste. We call this technology capability Point 5 Brands.   

  • Our first product, Point 5 Non Alcoholic Beer, is crisp, refreshing and almost indistinguishable in taste from a fully fermented American light lager and has been retailing in bottles direct to consumers online from summer 2020.  
  • Our long-term vision is to create true to taste non alcoholic alternatives for all fermented beverages.  
  • On 23 November 2020, we launched a Kickstarter campaign running until 23 December 2020 to produce Point 5 Non Alcoholic Beer, at scale, in cans. Our funding target is $25,000. The move from bottles to cans is the next step on our roadmap to ensuring Point 5 Brands is a success.

 Why now?

  • While the non alcoholic market has been growing in recent years, it is still a tiny fraction of the alcohol market. We think the reason is simple: non-alcoholic beverages suck when it comes to delivering a genuine taste.  
  • A true taste is what makes us different. At Point 5, we deliver fully fermented beverages - with alcohol removed. 

What makes us unique?

  • We start with a fully fermented product, brewed with traditional methods - since that is the only way to get a genuine taste and aroma. 

  • We then precisely remove the alcohol at low temperature, using our Revos technology. No heat is required so no flavors evaporate.  

  • There’s no need to add flavors back in so you only taste the product's genuine fermented flavor. 
  • None of the methods for producing non-alcoholic beverages out there today yield a product with true fully-fermented taste. The Point 5 Brands Technology Platform makes this much easier.


To schedule an interview, contact:

Brian Downer

Marketing Director

Tel: 1 917 267 8560



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