Frequently Asked Questions

What does Point 5 taste like?

Point 5 non-alcoholic beer tastes as a genuine pilsner should - light, crisp and smooth, with little aftertaste. It's so close to the taste of alcoholic lagers that many of our sensory specialists couldn't tell the difference!

How fast do you ship?

We ship out all orders received before 2 pm ET on business days. For local delivery (Boston area), expect to receive your order about 1 day after shipment. Delivery further afield (e.g. California) can take up to five days. After you place an order, you will receive an email with tracking information for your package. 

Is Point 5 low-calorie? Is it low-carb?

A 12-oz bottle of Point 5 has 58 calories, 12 g carbs, and 0 g sugars. 

How is Point 5 brewed?

Starting with a fully fermented pilsner lager, alcohol is gently removed using a cold filtration technology developed by MIT graduates. The result is a distinctive malt character up front, followed by a smooth finish distinctive of a pilsner lager. 

Can I buy Point 5 in stores?

As of August 2020, Point 5 is only available online. Our goal is to keep shipping costs down and make ordering easy with our monthly subscription. 

Do you have a taproom?

We do not have a taproom. Point 5 is online only at present. 

Why can't you ship to all states?

State laws on the shipment of non-alcoholic beer vary by state. Some states are currently reviewing their laws and we continuously keep an eye out for changes that may allow us to expand our reach. 

Can I pick up directly from your location in Woburn, MA?

This is not possible at present as we are operating reduced hours owing to COVID.

Are you planning more variations?

We love hearing flavor suggestions from our customers! Right now, we are focused on making the current Point 5 offering the best non-alcoholic beer available. Please keep checking back here or join our newsletter to find out our latest product range. 

Any other questions?

We will be happy to answer any additional questions you have - please email Cheers!