Our Story

The first thing people think is that I’m in the beer business because I’m Irish - although the non-alcoholic part makes less sense!

The thing is, I didn’t start off making non-alcoholic beer. I didn’t even start off working in beer - although I just knew a little about fermentation from making meade (honey wine) in my Cambridge apartment!

I came to non-alcoholic through a roundabout route. From tinkering with kites and planes with my dad as a kid, to studying mechanical engineering in Dublin and in Switzerland, I got to learning about desalination in grad school at MIT. What I saw - working on desalination for about four years - is that membrane filtration technology had quickly overtaken older distillation based technology. 

I wondered whether this newer membrane technology could change some other industries too. I looked into many applications - waste water, oil & gas, fruit juice - and finally I landed on an industry where I thought a better separation technology could make a difference - taking alcohol out of beer without affecting taste!

Brewed as a pilsner, with alcohol precisely removed using a membrane technology we call Revos, Point 5 is a non-alcoholic beer that is crisp, refreshing and incredibly close to the original beer on taste - and I often have a few myself every day!

We’re an online only business - US only for now - and you can pick up a 12-pack here online for delivery to your doorstep. Hopefully someday I’ll be able to go back down the path engineering has taken me and bring Point 5 back over the pond to Ireland.

I hope you enjoy the Point 5 taste. Cheers!

Ronan McGovern - Founder




Meet the Point 5 Team

Ronan McGovern

Founder & CEO


Dana Hemmert

Director of Operations


Brian Downer

Director of Marketing


John Ioannou

Director of Engineering