Point 5 Non-Alcoholic Beer - 12 Pack Bottles

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Crisp, Refreshing, Non-alcoholic

Point 5 is a crisp, refreshing, non-alcoholic beer with a bright, clean finish. It’s low in calories (58 cal), low in carbs (12 g) and low in sugar (0 g). At 0.5% ABV, Point 5 maintains a flavor profile similar to a traditional pilsner but with alcohol removed.

We carefully create Point 5 using a proprietary low temperature filtration process that removes alcohol from beer using a sieve-like membrane technology developed following our time studying at MIT. 

Technology Forward

Unlike brands that stop fermentation early to avoid producing alcohol, Point 5 is fully fermented and given the time to gather all the flavor typical of a crisp tasting beer.

Once the beer has completed fermentation and maturation, we remove the alcohol with our proprietary filtration technology that extracts alcohol with precision - allowing Point 5 to retain the fully fermented flavors typical of a pilsner.

Unlike other non-alcoholic beers, there’s no need to heat Point 5 to evaporate alcohol.  Burning beer like this impacts taste and is one of the main reasons authentic tasting non-alcoholic beer has been hard to make and hard for you to find… until now.

Best on Flavor

When you drink a Point 5 beer, the taste you get is so close to a classic beer, it's almost impossible for your tastebuds to tell the difference.

Point 5 is refreshing. It has that clean traditional taste similar to a pilsner while being much healthier because alcohol has been removed. 

So whether you're working at home, having a meal, watching the game, winding down after a workout, or just finishing up your day, Point 5 gives you that traditional, light, crisp, clean and refreshing lager-like taste without having to worry about alcohol.

You might even forget you’re drinking a non-alcoholic beverage while you simply enjoy the flavor and satisfaction of a great tasting beer. 

Go ahead! Give Point 5 a try. See for yourself how good it really tastes.

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